Where did all the Porpoises go?

If you are an inshore angler from Louisiana, then you have probably seen quite a few “porpoises” along the coastline of Louisiana. Quite literally everyone who has fished for speckled trout, redfish, flounder, black drum, sheepshead, and a myriad of other saltwater species from the Rigolets to Hopedale, Delacroix to Lafitte, or Grand Isle to Lake Charles!

You finally hit payday, you’re on a huge school of speckled trout, and you’re catching trout on every cast! It’s the Louisiana angler’s dream day of fishing, but then.. you hear a hiss of air behind you and begin seeing porpoise dorsal fins breaking the surface of the water in YOUR school of trout!

Do not fear! Do not worry! Your trout are safe from the evil clutches of those porpoises! Why do you ask? Porpoises inhabit the Atlantic, not the Gulf of Mexico.

However.. They are not safe from the bottlenose dolphins that inhabit the coast of Louisiana, throughout the Gulf of Mexico, and beyond. You can find plenty of articles online explaining the subtle differences between the two, but the major difference is social behavior. Dolphins are more sociable than their cousin, and this is why you will see them frequent humans.

These gorgeous creatures were captured by an aspiring photographer: Michaela Mayers. She has a passion for marine wildlife and fisheries, and she started a nonprofit company called Eyespot Photography.

Please note: it is illegal to interact with marine mammals, so do not feed them. This can introduce the habit of getting too close to running boats and potentially be hurt or killed.