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Red Snapper season in Louisiana has finally opened! The recreational angler has been fighting a long battle for red snapper seasons to be a normal season. In years past, red snapper “season” was only on the weekends for an extremely short period of time; and most of Louisiana anglers simply missed out. Not only do we have responsibilities, jobs, families, and et cetera; but we also have to fight the unpredictable weather during this limited window of time called “season.”

This is the first year that the recreational angler can simply go fishing any day of the week, and that’s exactly what a group of friends did on Sunday, June 24th, 2019. Donnie Samson, Jude Prime, and a few others contacted Captain Jamie Gaspard with Pure Adrenaline Fishing Charters; and they headed down to Port Fourchon, Louisiana for a quick red snapper fishing trip.  What happened during that trip was completely unexpected, and they experienced a fishing trip that could potentially happen only once-in-a-lifetime! Check out what the hauled in below:

At the time of writing this article, Captain Jamie Gaspard was in the process of traveling to a research lab in Grand Isle, Louisiana. This lab is where they will have their catch properly identified by marine biologists from Louisiana Wildlife & Fisheries. The grouper was weighed by Chris Moran of Moran’s Marina in Port Fouchon/Golden Meadow using a state certified scale.

UPDATE: The fish has been successfully identified by a biologist from the LDWF as a Warsaw Grouper!

Anglers: Donnie Samson, Chris Beaudet, Jude Primes, Dylan Primes, Casey Kittrell, Mike Carton