Captain David Alphonso Jr.

I feel as though I am a Captain Amongst Captains. We maintain healthy relationships with other captains and established chartering services throughout Louisiana, so we can accomodate any group - big or small - from Lake Pontchartrain to Saint Bernard and Point A La Hache. My family is of Isleños decent, Spanish settlers from the Canary Islands; and they've been on the water in Saint Bernard for generations dating back to the 1780's. My passion is the adventurous hunt of redfish deep into the interior, shallow marsh. Redfish Nation started as a redfish tournament team touring the entire Louisiana coast and has blossomed into a thriving Louisiana redfish charters and fishing charters business. My passion for redfish drove me to compete and work as crew in tournaments such as the Elite Redfish Series, America's Redfish Cup by Tito's, Inshore Fishing Association (IFA) Redfish Tour, Dockside Marine Redfish Trail, and more. I am a strong advocate for conservation and volunteer with groups such as the Coast Guard Tactical Law Enforcement Association (New Orleans Chapter), Audubon Coastal Wildlife Network, Louisiana Department of Wildlife & Fisheries Aquatic Volunteer Instructor Program, Wish To Fish Louisiana, and TAG Louisiana (marine tag & release research). Redfish Nation strives to give back to communities as much as possible and has even ventured into the path of Hurricane Harvey to assist with rescuing countless lives while being responsible for the lives of countless Cajun Navy operators from Humble, Texas to Port Arthur, Texas.

Come along for the ride and experience Louisiana's coast - speckled trout, black drum, flounder, sheepshead, largemouth bass, redfish, and more.  Your fishing charter trip will include bait, fuel, ice, cold drinking water, and fishing equipment. Your memories will be captured on photo and video, so you can look back on your adventure with family and friends. At the end of your journey, your fish will be cleaned, packaged, and iced for your ride home. Book a Fishing Charter


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